MEE GB Cloud Focus Partner Initiative 2020 Application

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Welcome to the CFPI 2020 Application form. CFPI 2020 Full Year Cycle Application period ended on March 31st. You can now apply to CFPI 2020 for a Partial Cycle as an INCUBATE Partner. Please make sure you submit the form by clicking the “Apply for CFPI” at the end.

Consent to CFPI Application 2020 edition:

CFPI 2020 Timeline


Business Planning ends by –

Febuary 29th 2020

CFPI 2020 application period –

March 1st – March 31st 2020

CFPI 2020 Membership –

April 20th 2020 – April 9th 2021


“The Cloud Focus Partner Initiative has all the elements for partners to succeed depending on where they are in their development needs”

Rumyana Trencheva
Senior Vice President GCO MEE