Benefits of Competitive Market Insight

Sharing competitive market insight information.

How to win against competitors


Strategic | Key | Incubate

LoB Specific

CX, S/4HANA Public Cloud, HCM

Objective Competitive Market Insight

Enable and help Partners to attack competitors offerings in ongoing customer opportunities.

Partner Target Role(s)

Sales Manager
Pre-Sales Manager
C-Level Management

Fees & Funding

Partner fee: € 0,00,-

Value for Partner

  • Discuss and share best practices and how to win against the main competitors in CX, S/4HANA Public Cloud, and HCM.
  • SAP shares competitive knowledge on Strategies & Tactics about key competitors.
  • Best would be if Partner brings actual opportunities and get advice in 1:1 with SAP on how to attack & defend.

How does it work?

Online webinars. Depending on demand – one block in German, English and Russian language (for CX LoB). For other LoBs, language to be confirmed, primary language will be English