Benefits of
Fresh Faces

Attract New Faces

Motivate talents to pursue jobs in the SAP enviroment

We are missing more than 1500 consultants to support our GB business. 

The partner transformation scheme starts with resources, so we are providing services to support partner business. 

“Dont think about what your partners can do to make you successful but think about what you can do to make your partners successful.”
– Adaire Fox Martin 

What is Fresh Faces?

SAP initiative designed to motivate young talents and professionals to engage with SAP solutions and to pursue jobs in the SAP environment.

The Aim 

To Recruit and build a network of new consultants across the Partner ecosystem.

Fresh Faces is available to both the experienced workers as well as graduates. By reaching them through various channels we aim to employ 7000+ consultants from a large pipeline of qualified talent fit for the job. 

Be inspirational

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SAP partners cannot easily expand their SAP Cloud business due to a human resources challenge.

Fresh Faces addresses your recruitment challenges.

Graduates – 

Find young talents through graduate recruiting and tune them up for your business.

We want to work with SAP partners who already have expertise with one of our cloud solutions, but now want to grow quickly to deliver on their pipeline. Using our SAP Brand and University Alliances, in combination with your recruiting team, approach promising graduates and attract them for your company. Before they join your consulting team, we will also teach them SAP skills.


Experienced Professional –

Locate and hire experts from outside the SAP Ecosystem and pull them into SAP projects.

We want to approach the highly competitive recruitment market and help you to find capable senior experts who are not yet in the SAP ecosystem, but are well qualified to become SAP consultants. You define the expert profiles of talent you wish to attract. We help you find the right candidates using effective social media targeting and candidate pre-selection.

Upskilling Your Team

Transform your current team from ECC on-premise to cloud solutions consulting.

As a member of Fresh Faces, you have the opportunity to take part in a Structured Program for Partners who want to grow their existing cloud team through “upskilling” their own consultants. Such partners also understand that getting a consultant ready for a cloud project is a “transformation” rather than just learning new functionality.

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Fresh Faces Partner, SAP

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Fresh Faces Partner, SAP

Quick Facts

  • 75% of companies have problems finding candidates for jobs.

  • Only 21% of employees worldwide are actively looking for a job.

Value for Partner

Recruit and build a network of new consultants:

  • Connect to a network of potential employees, showcasing the exciting projects that your company is working on and in doing so helping to embrace the opportunity for growth.

  • The opportunity to establish your company as credible, interesting employers in a highly competitive IT jobs market.