Benefits of Lead Gen Autopilot

Generate Leads on AUTOPILOT

Develop your brand.


Strategic | Key | Incubate

All Partners require a SALESPLAY in place

LoB Specific


Objective Lead Gen Autopilot

Coaching LOB Partners to build a clear message and compelling Story to attract incoming leads from ideal Prospects in a largely automated way.

Partner Target Role(s)

Sales Manager
Pre-Sales Manager
C-Level Management for Sales & Marketing
Business Development

Fees & Funding

 Total Value: € 12.862 – Partner Fee € 997 (92% discount)

1. Workshop Package (free)
2. Registration Coaching & Pilot (997€)
3. Partner pays invoice to SAP/pda
4. SAP grants access to Workshops & services

Value for Partner

  • Foundation: Inbound, define your Positioning, Offer & Story
  • Build Sales Funnel Pages & start generating Leads
  • Optimize Lead Gen with Perfect Webinars & record

How does it work?

3 Workshops delivered in H1/2020 Online –
Follow up activities: Build Story, Build Funnel, Build Perfect Webinar