Benefits of Expert Service

CX Knowledge & Experience

Co-Funding for Partners to improve quality and success



LoB Specific

Yes – CX

Objective of Expert Service

Service to help new partners to get experience or stimulate moving into other CX solutions, secure integration projects.

Improve partners quality and success in the area for POC, implementation, integration or performance.

Partner Target Role(s)


Delivery Practice Manager

Fees & Funding

1. Any involved travel expenses paid by: Partner

2. Any catering cost paid by: Partner (catering is optional)

3. Partner contribute 50% of the cost up to max 5k€

Value for Partner

DBS offers over 120 predefined services across the CX portfolio addressing all kind of critical or common known hurdles during Proof of concept, delivery and go live. A service can be a program code or consulting. Depending on the phase of the project we analyze and will help to identify the fitting bundle and co-fund with up to 5.000€.