Benefits of Partner of the Future

A Maturity Assessment for the Future
Are you ready? 


Strategic | Key | Incubate

LoB Specific

No, LoB agnostic and general available

Objective of Partner of the Future

Business leaders gain insights into their organisations readiness for the future based on the IDCs framework, peer benchmarking and SAP feedback, with action plans (supported by SAP) to achieve their goals.

Partner Target Role(s)

Chief Executive Leadership team:
Marketing, Sales, Services, Finance

Fees & Funding

Partner fee: € 0,00,-

Value for Partner

  • Partner leaders can evaluate their business development priorities and actions to modernize and grow their business.
  • SAP Partner Management gains deeper understanding of the Partners business and can align resources to priorities.
  • IDCs vendor-independent concept provides a framework for the successful Partner business of the future.

How does it work?

1. Partner CEO and team complete a questionnaire
2. SAP MU completes same questionnaire (about Partner)
3. Analysis compares Partner organisations level of maturity (a self-assessment) with peer benchmarks and SAP input
4. Facilitated discussion to match action plan to priorities