Benefits of Presale Validation

 Extend number of presales and drive excellence in execution

Perfect Ariba Presales Pitch


 Key | Incubate

LoB Specific

Yes, Ariba

Objectives for Presale Validation

Get Ariba presales certified on current Ariba portfolio and latest messaging.

Partner Target Role(s)

Presales Consultant

Fees & Funding

Partner fee: € 0,00,-

Value for Partner

  •  Enable partners for the perfect Ariba Presales pitch on current Ariba portfolio and messaging.
  • Get personal feedback and coaching in final 1:1 session
  • 3 Online workshops recorded in H1/2020
    1- April 23rd Intro to the Webinar Series & concept link
    2- May 15th Snap overview link
    3- June 6th Demo Assets overview link

How does it work?

Recordings will be made available to partners on learning hub. Complete all 3 sessions and apply for the Presales validation certificate.