Benefits of Sales Excellence CX

Presales & Sales Empowerment for Strategic 3 Sales Motions


Key | Incubate

LoB Specific

Yes – CX

Objective Sales Excellence CX

Focus on go-to-market hot spots in 2020 and increase win rate

Partner Target Role(s)

Sales Manager
Pre-Sales Manager
C-Level Management

Fees & Funding

Partner fee: € 0,00,-

Any involved travel expenses paid by Partner

Value for Partner

Focus for CX GTM 2020 will be on 3 Sales motions:

1. Digital Motion (Commerce & CDC & Marketing)
2. C4C (Sales & Service cloud)
3. FSM

How does it work?

1. Based on the Partner expertise he will be asked to sign up for 1-3 topic(s)
2. Be invited to online empowerment workshops
3. Build own industry flavor sales play for GTM and execute
4. According to the focus areas, enablement will be conducted for: Commerce, CDC, Marketing, C4C and FSM