Benefits of Scout Hidden Talents

Leverage from modern recruitment

Recruit motivated talents from competitive area’s and reduce headhunter and job posting costs

Objective of the Scout Hidden Talents Program

A multidimensional platform and psychological assessmentmethod developed to systematically capture occupational personality traits, discover and pre-qualify unknown talents.

Partner Target Role(s)

Head of Sales
Head of Consulting

Fees & Funding

Partner fee: €16,500
SAP BDF: 50%

Joint initiative with BrandMonks GmbH

Value for Partner

Leverage from a modern recruitment strategy and mindset:

  • Building candidate pools with pre-qualified candidates
  • SAP business revenue and license increase
  • Budget relief (headhunter / job postings)
  • Reduction of cannibalization within the community
  • Increasing brand awareness / Supports employer branding
  • Innovative approach to sourcing