Benefits of Solution Pre-Sales Readiness

Successfully Enter Sales Cycles

Gather the necessary information on new innovations
of respective solutions.

Objective of Solution Pre-Sales Readiness

Ensure Partner Sales & Pre-sales
readiness for specific solutions before partner enters sales cycle. Increase quality of Partner Pre-sales. Introduce partner employee-based certification.

Partner Target Role(s)

  • Sales
  • Specialized Sales
  • Pre-Sales

Fees & Funding

Partner fee: € 0,00,-

Duration: 1+ days

Value for Partner

  • Push innovative solutions into the market to win market share.
  • Ensure high standard of Partner Sales & Presales quality for specific solution through employee based certification.
  • Ensure transparency on partner enablement status on specific solution.
  • Ensure one voice to the customer for specific solution.

Ensure Sales Cycle Success