Benefits of Digital
Sales Academy

Attend the SAP Academy

Accelerate your recent hires to success in full alignment with SAP best practices.


Strategic | Key | Incubate

LoB Specific

No – General available

Objective of attending SAP Digital Sales Academy

Support Cloud Focus Partners to develop sales and pre-sales teams in sync with SAPs learning and development principles.

Partner Target Role(s)

  • Sales Manager
  • Pre-Sales Manager

Fees & Funding

Partner paid fees as follows:

Complete travel expenses +

Attend 1 week fee € 2,000,-
Attend 2 weeks fee € 4,000,-
Attend 3 weeks fee € 5,000.-


  • Join SAP sales and pre-sales executives for best in class immersive learning experience at our world class academy facility in San Ramon, California
  • Hands on application of key Digital Selling tools and techniques
  • Develop the credibility required to have impactful C-level conversations
  • Refine such key skills as presenting with confidence, visual communication, and communicating with cultural awareness

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