Cloud Benefits & Services for every phase in your Selling Process

The House of Services mapped into a Cloud Win Cycle. Leverage from these benefits & services no matter what phase of the buying journey you may find yourself in
Start Your Cloud Win Journey

Phase 1 – Education First

Education is the passport to the future.
Tomorrow belongs to our Next Gen Partners.

Digital Sales Academy | Fresh Faces | Sales Excellence | Engagement & Innovation Support | Cloud Value Selling | Presales Enablement | Presales Validation

Phase 2 – Ignite the Pipe

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Become better at Marketing, Sales and Demoing
and Ignite your Opportunity Pipeline.

DDE Community Access | Joint Partner & SAP DDE Campaigns | Analyze4Success | Race2Pipeline | Marketing Readiness | Delivery in a Box | Race2Revenue | Cloud Accelerator | NNN Hunt Dem-Gen | Lead Gen Autopilot | Develop Your Own Integration IP | 90 Days to Revenue| Access to SAP iO Foundry

Phase 4 – Collecting Signatures

Close new deals with confidence. Increase customer win rate.

Customer Success Story | Big Deal Service | 90 Days to Revenue

Phase 3 – Deal Incubation

Bring your Solution & Demo knowledge to the Next Level

Grow with SCP Integration Suite | Competitive Market Insight | 90 Days to Revenue

Phase 5 - Best Customer Forever

Increase cloud customer renewals and retention