Benefits of Fresh Faces for Upskilling Consultants

Upskilling a Team

Transform your current team from ECC on-premise to cloud solutions consulting

We are missing more than 1500 consultants to support our GB business. 

The partner transformation scheme starts with resources, so we are providing services to support partner business. 

“Don’t think about what your partners can do to make you successful, but think about what you can do to make your partners successful.”
– Adaire Fox Martin 

Fresh Faces helps you Upskill your Team


As a member of Fresh Faces, you have the opportunity to take part in a Structured Program for Partners who want to grow their existing cloud team through “upskilling” their own consultants. Such partners also understand that getting a consultant ready for a cloud project is a “transformation” rather than just learning new functionality.



The Upskilling Program provides organisational guidance to Delivery & Consulting directors, to identify and grow talent, by leveraging SAP recommended Transition Pathways.




Upskilling Program: S/4HANA Cloud Transition Pathway

SAP Drive2Delivery –Upskilling Transition Pathways provide step-by-step training and learning recommendations to consultants participating in the Upskilling Program. It is strongly recommended to take full advantage of the provided learning path including Hands-On offerings. For modules referring to multiple deep-dive Learning Journeys it is recommended to first complete ones particular focus area.