Cloud Win Cycle – Ignite the Pipe


Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing

Become better at Marketing, Sales and Demoing
and Ignite your Opportunity Pipeline


Be Next-Gen. Re-position. Dare to be different. Change digital behaviors,
generate pipeline and increase revenue.

Cloud Acceleration Program

Expand your footprint with cloud packaged
solutions with this high touch business
co-funded demand generation program.


Identify Target Accounts

Demand Generation through Market Insights &
SAP Proven Methodology. Find your market potential
and create focussed target groups.

DDE Community Access

Improve your digital footprint. Get your digital efforts in shape
and optimize your demand generation efforts.

Marketing Readiness

Learn on the Job! Get ready to use
Digital Marketing in business continuity
time, gain confidence in using SAP
available services and tools.

Execute with the coach.



Attract net new contacts on a proven process and content to build up pipeline for a specified cloud solution

Delivery in a Box

How does this work



NNN Hunt Dem-Gen

Fuel your pipeline with opportunities at net new clients

Lead Gen Autopilot

Build a clear message and compelling Story to attract incoming leads from ideal Prospects in a largely automated way.



Develop Your Own Integration IP

Get technical and business coaching provided by SAP experts to realize
Integration Content use case

Access to SAP iO Foundry

Leverage from the SAP.iO Foundries

Position yourself as an innovation enabler and provide your customers insights into areas of new value creation and justify the value of customer investments in SAP solutions

90 Days to Revenue

Boost your revenue with this 90-days program to meet your business objectives